water drainage


How can Advanced Foundation Repair Help?

We review what foundation drainage solutions you currently have as well measures things such as the slope away from the foundation. With the survey in hand WE outline a detailed foundation drainage solution that may include:

Install Gutters and Downspouts
These are the first things added as they are the easiest way to drain a foundation.

Adjust Slopes
The next step is, if possible, to slope the ground away from the foundation.  Typically a slope of an inch a foot for 4 to 5 feet is adequate as long as water is not allowed to stand within 10  feet of a foundation.

Installs Drain
If grading is not possible, area drains, drains that collect surface water are installed.  In some situations, shallow French Drains are used as a solution.

Water Direction
Our focus is to, when possible, direct water into a street, drainage ditch, or swale.  A swale is simply a very shallow ditch that is used to carry off water.

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