We have a new home that is only 6 years old and seems to be falling apart (based on the recommendation of one of the three companies that gave me an inspection) I had 3 companies come out today (my husband made me remove the names of the 1st liar and the 3rd guy "Mr. slime ball" that hit on me for 45 min so we couldn't get sued using their names, crazy world huh?), the first guy said he was a local company but he only had an 800 number and couldn't tell me the address of his "local" office when I asked! Hmmmmm? Ummmm yeah right! LIAR!!! right of the bat!  He walked around the house and never used anything to check what was wrong and said he can fix it for 10 grand! When I asked him how he came up with that amount of money? He informed me that he had been doing this for 10 years and that within a few minutes of walking through any home he can tell me exactly how much it will cost because he's done thousands of them. Ummm NEXT!!!! The second guy I'll get back to him in a minute. The third guy was a young arrogant #%* but at least he had a local office address. This "slime ball", while I can appreciate like any woman would, you complimenting me for 45 minutes on how pretty I am. I was actually wondering if he could see this wedding ring I have on? After he spent 45 min trying to "get to know me better" and making sure I knew he was single, he never even gave me a bid. He said his boss has to figure it when he gets back home (daddy?) he did however ask me what the other guy bid? C'mon really?. Ok  NEXT!!!!! Ok back to the #2 guy. His name was Jim with Advance foundation Repair (I think he is the owner, if not he should be)  he did say it's been his family business forever! That's a good sign! And a local address, YEEEEAAA! First he asked me if I was aware that the builder had to give a warranty on the structural part of the house for ten years? Ummm no I didn't know! I asked him why didn't the other guys tell me that? He wouldn't bad mouth them (I would!!!) and only said that maybe they were not aware or just wanted my money more than to put my needs first. So ok Mr. Jim what's next? He then showed me a machine that could determine how far my home was messed up (voodoo? Lol). He even let me use it myself while he explained what and how it worked. Kinda boring but that was "above and beyond" and I liked that. Bottom line since I seem to be writing a novel here, he showed me that my home was fine and just had some cracks due to possible settling and might have been due to the droughts a couple years ago. Right about then my husband came home and the poor guy had to start all over again (which he actually offered to do so my husband could understand what was going on. Points for Mr. Jim!) He then spent another 30 min and showed us how to keep our home from moving so I wouldn't have to hire him in the future, WOW!!! He did however put me in his phone for a 6 month check up call. Pretty slick there Mr. Jim! So my husband asked him why the other guys gave me bids for at least 10 grand when he (Jim) said he wouldn't give me one at this time? "Because I don't steal!!!" He said! Ummm Wow! That was a powerful answer! See you in 6 months I guess. (Let's see if he calls back?) Men never call back do they? lol 

Hey Mr Jim, GOOD JOB!!!!


Recently I was travelling home to Austin and had a tire blowout on IH35.  I was shaken and scared when along came Jimmy Meeks and David.  Jimmy took control as I certainly couldn't and David kindly changed my tire. Most people would have stopped there but not Jimmy. He called around Waco until he found a place that had the tire I needed and then drew me a map to the place! He even checked on me to make sure I made it there ok. I may not be able to comment on his business but any man that takes time out of his busy day to help someone in need, is a good man with good ethics. They wouldn't let me take care of them but just said they were doing a good deed.  I will definitely pay it forward. Blessings to Jimmy and David, you are my heroes.  

- Lucy P, Austin, TX


We are extremely pleased with our experience with Jimmy Meeks and Advanced Foundation Repair.  During the bid process, Jimmy took a great deal of time explaining to us what needed to be done, how his team was going to accomplish it, and what to expect afterward.  The crew was extremely professional and left the work area in excellent condition.  We actually videotaped a crack in our kitchen wall closing as they worked. I will recommend Advanced Foundation Repair to everyone I know.