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Foundation Maintenance Tips

Summer months bring hot dry weather which causes the highest amount of slab foundation movement. This leads to foundation cracks, as well as interior damage such as cracked walls, brick or tiling. Foundation movement also affects plumbing, by stressing pipes, leading to cracks and leaks. Doors and windows may begin to stick or not close. Jimmy Meeks, of the Waco based Waco Foundation Repair, shares some inexpensive foundation maintenance tips. These tips are a good first step toward helping avoid more costly repairs.

Foundation maintenance is all about maintaining even moisture levels around building or home foundations. The easiest do it yourself tip is a watering program. More advanced projects ensure proper drainage around the foundation. Ultimately, if needed, place root barriers between trees and your foundation.


Foundation Watering:
Expansive soils act like a sponge. As they absorb water, they swell and as they lose water they shrink. Soils tend to dry out (and shrink) during the summer and to absorb water (and swell) during the winter and spring.
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Root Barriers:
Root barriers can be solid objects, sheets of material, zones of chemically treated soil (typically, the chemicals come in the form of pellets that are attached to a fabric) or any other barrier that keeps roots from growing into areas where they are not wanted. Waco Foundation Solutions installs root barriers made of a three layer plastic membrane.
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Moisture Barriers:
Moisture barriers are vertical layers of plastic that are buried in the ground.  As water flows up against a moisture barrier, it is stopped and prevented from getting under a home.
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Foundation Drainage:
Waco reviews what foundation drainage solutions you currently have as well measures things such as the slope away from the foundation.  With the survey in hand Waco Foundation Solutions outlines a detailed foundation drainage solution customized for your situation.
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